Like Golf? Thornberry Creek LPGA Classic Is Looking For Volunteers!

The Thornberry Creek LPGA Classic is looking for additional volunteers July 2nd - 8th during the 2018 event. A lifeline to the success of an LPGA event is the army of volunteers made up of willing and enthusiastic people in our community. Being a volunteer is a unique behind-the-scenes way to experience a professional golf tournament. It's fun, exciting, and gratifying to know that you are playing a vital role in its success. For a registration fee of $55, volunteers receive a tournament shirt and hat, four weekly grounds passes ($300 value), one parking pass, and food and beverage during their shifts. Volunteers that work a minimum of 18 hours during the course of the event are eligible f

World's Largest Cornflake?

A guy in the UK was shocked to find the world’s biggest ever cornflake in his cereal, measuring a gigantic six inches. Hinay Lad initially thought a piece of ceiling had fallen into his bowl of cereal when he first saw the giant flake. He added: “It felt like a rock. If you tried bending it, it wouldn’t break. That’s why we thought it was a bit of ceiling.” This reminds me of the time back in 2008 when two sisters sold a cornflake shaped like Illinois for over $1,000 on eBay. The man who purchased it owns a trivia website and wanted to add it to his traveling museum.

Woman Fired For Bringing Laxative Brownies To Co-workers Farewell Party

A 47 year old Michigan woman was fired from her job for baking a co-worker brownies. Seems innocent enough, right? Brownies aren't a crime. They are if you've been harboring negative feelings towards said co-worker and decide to do something about it by putting laxatives in the mix! The dessert was confiscated by police after another employee tipped off a member of management. Ann Arbor News reports that initially the woman denied putting the substance in the dish, but once she found out the brownies could be tested, she confessed. Other co-workers reported that there was tension between the two but no other specifics were given. Nobody had a chance to eat the brownies, so Betty Crocker wasn

Emma and Liam Top Social Security’s Most Popular Baby Names for 2017

Emma and Liam are America’s most popular baby names for 2017. This marks the first time Liam has bested the boys, beating Noah for the top spot, and the fourth straight year for Emma. Liam first crawled into the top 10 in 2012 and has been reaching for the highest honor ever since. In other huge baby name news, Michael has been bumped from the top 10 for the first time since World War II, landing at number 12 this year. Emily also fell out of the top 10 for the first time since 1990. There are several new names in the top 10--Amelia and Evelyn make the list--Amelia for the first time and Evelyn for the first time since 1915. These traditional names show parents are keeping up the tren

Peregrine Falcon Chicks Arrive Inside Nest Box At WPS Pulliam Power Plant

The hatching of two peregrine falcon eggs means the nest box at Wisconsin Public Service's Pulliam Power Plant in Green Bay has now seen 100 chicks hatch since 1996. You can view a short video from the WPS twitter page showing the arrival of the newest peregrine falcon chicks.In addition to the nest box at the Pulliam Power Plant, WPS is awaiting the hatching of four eggs inside their Weston Power Plant nest box. It is anticipated those eggs will begin hatching within the next week. WPS has been involved in peregrine falcon recovery efforts since 1993, and saw chicks first hatch inside its nesting boxes in 1996, helping a species that was once near extinction grow and recover in Wisconsin

Pawfficer Badges Is On The Job!

The Detroit Free Press reports that a police station in Michigan just created a new rank for a kitten named Badges. She is now Pawfficer Badges! The kitten's duties will include community policing, supervising the K9 unit and of course cuddles. After learning about the new addition, people have already begun sending gifts to the station including a cat bed shaped like a sharks mouth. The adorable new officer got her name from a Twitter poll the Troy Police Department put out asking people to choose from Pawfficer Katrina, Pawla, Donut and Badges. Badges won with 40% of the vote. "We love the name," Sgt. Meghan Lehman told the Detroit Free Press. "The cat will officially start her duties on M






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