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Survey Results

The Big Two!
Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social networks on the planet. Undoubtedly, you use these services or have heard of them.

Do you use Facebook and / or Twitter?
I use Facebook and Twitter: 18%
Facebook only: 54%
Twitter only: 2%
Neither, I like my privacy.: 25%

Past Surveys

2/24/2011: Hanging in there?

Is your New Year's Resolution holding up?
Yes!: 25%
No: 21%
Did not have one this year.: 55%

12/16/2010: Hey Smarty!

What do you use for a smart phone?
iPhone: 27%
Blackberry: 22%
Android: 28%
Windows: 4%
A Smart Phone? What's that?: 20%

11/8/2010: Closing in on Christmas
It seems as though the holiday shopping season starts sooner every year.

Do you have your Christmas shopping done?
Yes!: 15%
Some of it, not all: 41%
Talk to me after Thanksgiving: 21%
Bah, humbug: 23%

10/26/2010: Starting Your Day

What is your wake up juice?
Coffee: 53%
Tea: 12%
Energy drinks: 4%
Soda Pop: 16%
I stay away from caffeine: 15%

10/5/2010: Twitter
Some say that Twitter is the Citizens' Band (CB) radio of the Internet.

Do you use Twitter?
Yes: 16%
No: 75%
Twitter? Isn't that the sounds a bird makes?: 9%

9/14/2010: Thinking about Fall

What do you think about when Fall arrives?
Raking leaves and outdoor chores: 12%
Halloween costumes: 15%
Football!!!: 55%
School: 5%
none of the above: 14%

8/16/2010: Are You Unwired?

Do you have a landline in your home?
Yes, I talk on it.: 51%
Yes, I use it to get online only.: 7%
No, I'm unwired. Mobile phone only here.: 42%


Are you traveling for a vacation this summer?
Yes!: 53%
No, another year of staycation: 47%


How confident are you in the US economy?
I'm confident!: 0%
I'm not confident!: 0%


Is the end of the economic recession in sight?
Yes: 26%
No: 74%

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